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About AAA Sanitation

For more than two decades, AAA Sanitation has delivered the best garbage pickup service in Athens and the surrounding area. Our founder Matt DiPalma realized residents weren’t satisfied with the available garbage pickup services, so Matt launched AAA Sanitation to meet the needs of the community.

Matt’s goal was, and remains, to treat customers the way he wants to be treated.  He promised to always listen to his customers and quickly solve any problems they might have.  Today, all these years later, Matt is always available if a customer needs to speak with him.

AAA Sanitation grew from humble beginnings.  The first truck was a simple, old pick-up.  Soon after, we grew, adding a hook-up trailer behind that old pick-up.  Today, AAA Sanitation has a fleet of low emission, fuel-efficient trucks, lessening the environmental impact.  AAA Sanitation always puts the environment first which is why we’ve grown to more than just a garbage pick-up service.  We are strong recycling advocates and we’ll take that from you, too.

AAA Sanitation, a family based business, serving families in Athens and surrounding areas, and still growing.

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